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The Generals' Revolt --- or Generally Revolting?

I've been reading the blogs, the transcript and some comments from some well-meaning and some irrational folks about the Generals' Revolt and their comments in front of a panel of Dhimmicrats in Congress. Many comments, and all the Dhimmicrats miss the point.

These Generals have gone to a partisan group and demanded action to remove the leadership of the Dept of Defense. Fine. Your points are noted with interest. If you read their transcripts they demand a dramatic increase in the commitment of troops, resources and money to the fight, and commitment to the conflict for the long haul. Again, fine.

There is nothing 145,000 American troops in Iraq and 20,000 American troops in Afghanistan couldn't do and do better with twice or three times the on ground manpower, resources, and money than is already committed. So let's see the Dhimmicrats insist on that. When they insist on raising the size of America's military from 1.4 Million on active duty to 2.5 Million on active duty, add the required armor, intelligence, air, and naval assets required to meet that task, including raising the Defense budget from $400 Billion to $1.2 Trillion annually, THEN and ONLY THEN, will I believe they are serious about defense and intend to actually fight the Long War.

What these Generals are saying is that we are fighting the War on Terror on the cheap.... and we are still winning it. The cost in men and women's lives is being paid because our Republican leadership has not made a case, and has not even asked us to sacrifice ourselves to go all out for Victory in the war. Fine. I'm upset about that too. If we accept that because we are too lame to insist our leaders wage total war against Islamofascism, that is our fault, not the Republicans, whose basic principles are to insist that government do the job with just enough funding, just enough manpower, just enough regulation, and just enough gas and guns to get the job done and nothing left over for waste.

If the Dhimmicrats insist the war is about a failure of leadership, then they better start exerting some. I want to see massive headlines in the NY Times, WaPo, and every other news machine in America demanding major increases in military spending, major increases in manpower, demands that Iran stop enriching uranium or their asses will be turned to nuclear fused glass in a month, and Dhimmicratic constituencies loudly demanding that Congress raise the age of enlistment to 55 so both they, their children, and I can join up again and do something real again for my country.

When I hear cries for these massive warfighting efforts, including the rationing, draft, and hardship imposed on every American soul to support this war, then I will agree that Dhimmicrats are leaders concerned with my safety, Republicans are doddering fools, and the American people are super geniuses who should be the only authorized leaders of the world, and smash those stupid UN kleptocrats like bugs.

While I'm listening over the chirping of crickets for these cries of outrage, I'll be supporting the only people who are actually doing anything about kicking Islamic ass, however meager an effort it is, and shining a spotlight on the cockroaches of fascism living in the Dhimmicratic household... the Bush administration and Donald Frickin' Rumsfeld. They may be doing it on the cheap, but they are doing it.... and they are Winning.

It will take longer, cost more in the long run, and will demand smaller sacrifices instead of large ones, but the job will eventually get done. While the crickets are chirping over the cries for a larger military, I'll be praying that the Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces continue to show the guts, determination, and courage lacking in every other segment of American society...the Courage and Fortitude to do their Duty, even when it is unpopular, underfunded, underappreciated, and underplayed by Republicans, and disavowed by Dhimmicrats.

All of us need to get a grip. We either suffer with them and get it over quick. Or we suffer not at all, and let them do their jobs with what pittances we give them, and pray that they will forgive us when they grow old and forgotten by a citizenry which knows little of what they are actually accomplishing for the World and for America. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom of religion. Freedom from the burkha and for Women's rights. And freedom from the Knife and the Sword in the night. Freedom from Kristallnacht, Islam style. Let's get out of their way!

Press on, Men. To Victory.


UPDATE: While I was reading, typing and thinking, GRIM was already reading my mind.  All of you make sure you read the stuff GRIM has written as well.  It is integral to the discussion here.

Subsunk out.