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It’s nice to have a peace of, Heh I wrote peace instead of piece, it can stay, about something that was just all good.

When I met my wife her youngest brother was 18 years old and a world class punk ass. I liked him because he was a smart, engaging kid, but I also made no bones about what a mutt I thought he was acting like. He was a tremendous athlete, but had managed to drift away from sports and just spend his time going to parties and sleeping on the nearest couch. His dad was an army medic in Vietnam and then retired from the Air Force 5 or 6 years ago, and my wife had been in the Air National Guard,as had his other sister. When Nate started talking to me about the Army it didn’t surprise me much when he enlisted, he had a pretty good idea what it offered and apparently what he needed.

I wondered if he would make it, but hey I wondered if I would make it too. He did and became a member of the Old Guard, which is the ceremonial unit that handles Arlington Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but also is responsible for defending the Pentagon from attack. Several times when discussing 9/11 with Truther nuts who deny it happened and claim there was no aircraft wreckage in sight, I have mentioned that I heard first hand that yes there was. Nate’s unit was training minutes away and he helped with the rescue efforts of what was obviously the crash of a plane.

He came home on leave to visit a number of times and he would have made a perfect recruiting commercial, because he was no longer a punk kid, he was a man. He has since gotten out and is going to school at Savannah State University at the age of 26, where he made their football team as a walk on. I have really enjoyed watching the transformation and have nothing but respect for him. The local TV station did a piece on him and I think it shows him just like he is. Bravo Nate!

Nate_heed Nate Carr, Living His Dream

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I got an email from a former Navy guy, who reminded me about a big bo-at built up in Marinette. In my previous role in executive search, I hired one of the lead program managers for this program and the ship they built is very cool. The Littoral Combat Ship is designed to leave the blue water where most of the Navy operates and get up close to the shore, drop off some troops and support them with resupply and Fire support. Go check it out.

Uncle Jimbo,

You may not have noticed, but up in Marinette over the weekend a new
Navy ship, the future USS Freedom was launched.  The ship’s sponsor, Mrs.
Birgit Smith, is the widow of SFC Paul Ray Smith.

Posted a picture or two at
Eaglespeak had a post on it last week, too.  Lots more information available, if
you’re interested.

Ken Adams