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Rick Rescorla - Someone You Should Know

Last night on Pundit Review, I talked about Cyril Richard "Rick" RescorlaInvestor's Business Daily has a great article on Rick.  Here's a taste:

His Actions Saved Thousands
After the second plane hit the south tower on Sept. 11, some people panicked when one staircase filled with smoke. Using his bullhorn, Rescorla directed them to a clear one. As on the battlefield, he sang to keep workers calm.

Even after it appeared that Rescorla evacuated most of the Morgan Stanley employees, he returned to check for stragglers. As Olson was working his way down on about the 10th floor he saw Rescorla going back up.

"I said, 'Rick, you have got to get out of there,' and he said, 'I will, as soon as I get everyone out,' " Olson said.

It was the last known sighting of Rescorla.

But really, the best and most comprehensive links and writings about Rick can be found at the Mudville Gazette.  I knew about a man who saved a friend in the south tower, but I didn't know his name until I stumbled upon a blog called The Mudville Gazette in 2003.

Here is the link to the radio segment.  It was a tough subject for me so, at first, I accidentally called the book "We Were Soldiers...", We Were Heroes.  Big mistake.

I was asked by Gregg Jackson of Pundit Review what I'd be thinking of today.  I'll be thinking of Rick Rescorla and Matty Ryan and others who stood fast in our darkest hour and saved over 20,000 people.