The Generals' Revolt --- or Generally Revolting?
WSJ tortures logic with editorial

Recruiting Terrorists

Is it just me, or do you find it puzzling how people are unable to make the simplest of logical assumptions when it comes to just about anything in this country?  It seems that every day on the news we are treated to the results of some brilliant scientist's research study that states the obvious after spending millions in grant money.  Did you know that children who live in homes with alcoholic crack addicts who own guns are 10 times as likely to shoot themselves accidentally as  children that go to northeastern college prep schools?  Really, you don't say?

Should it come as any surprise then that after decades of cowering after terrorist attacks that when the US decides to fight back and take the battle to their home turf that more of them would get involved in the fight?  Just taking a wild stab in the dark here, but I would imagine that recruiting for the US military might have ticked up a bit after the 9/11 attacks.  I seem to remember a guy, Pat somebody, who blew off an NFL career to join the Army around that time. 

My question for these brilliant political scientists in the Congress and elsewhere would be, "What policy do you advocate that both reduces terrorism and recruitment of terrorists?"  Or how about, "Which priority is more vital to the security of the US, fighting terrorism or reducing recruitment of terrorists?  Because as I recall, the terrorists had no trouble recruiting when we were pulling out of Beirut or Somalia.  It seems that showing weakness in the face of enemy aggression is pretty good for recruiting too.  We could have continued this response to our enemy in perpetuity if they hadn't gone and killed 3000 of our people... but they did. 

The way I see it, we can concern ourselves with only one of these problems at the present time.  Until democracy breaks out in the middle east, theocratic nutburger regimes liberalize, and islam goes through a reformation we can either worry that more terrorists are being recruited or thank God that more American soldiers are joining up to kill those recruits.  I think I'll go with door number two.