AP is simply shameless
Viet Nam Era Flak Jackets?

no religious sect of the present age demands so much of others, so little of itself

Unfortunate words of wisdom from in estimable Victor David Hanson (via Glenn).  I had the good fortune to spend a nice day at a lousy football game in Denver today with my friend Julio and his lovely wife D just back from Iraq.  We got there early and discussed the Pope, the Teams, and the war among other things while watching my Raiders take another horrific beating.  In our typical zeal, we agreed that if the crazies took out the Pope, THEN the thunder would truly be called down on the filthy muslim scum that dominate the headlines.  The Europeans would surely react with resolve and unanimity if their own Pope were to fall beneath a muslim sword we agreed.  Then we would be cleared hot to take this conflict to the next level-the level that our enemies have been at for 20+ years- all out war. 

But Mr. Hanson reminded me of the extreme dearth of leadership and character that pervades the West, and as I read the reports of the Pope's apology and then the first murder of a Catholic nun (many surely to follow) I realized that there is probably no offense that we won't be expected to endure on our inexorable journey to avoid solving the muslim problem once and for all.  A culture that celebrates the fictional assassination of a sitting President while the nation's law enforcement agencies are desperately searching for a potentially nuclear terrorist in our midst is destined for trouble. 

Say what you will about President Bush, despite his many faults turning his back on a real threat is not one of them.  He is mocked openly by a media hostile ultimately to its own existence and yet his unflappability in the face of immeasurable evil is literally the only source of meaningful rhetorical and actual resistance to this evil which openly seeks to bring all infidels under its subjugation.  I have to admit that I had high hopes for this Pope to walk in the giant footsteps of his predecessor, but he seems to not be able to stomach the vileness of the reaction to his very sound advice. 

And why is that?  Bringing us back to the title of this post, western media goes out of its way to instigate and perpetuate each and every meaningless disagreement with muslim culture and doctrine to provoke a reportable reaction, and then apologize on our behalf for having offended them enough to murder us.  There is no room for accountability for muslims and no room for victory against them.  We musn't agitate the savages, you see.  That way we can continue to avoid facing the danger while absorbing more and more punishment.  It reminds me of the "Twilight Zone" episode where the bratty child is endlessly placated by his family lest he turn them into jack-in-the-boxes.  This immature but ruthless beast has turned our elites into simpering cowards.

When will we decide that, as the Pope expressed, barbarity must be displaced by reason?  Will we ever?  As an amateur Christian apologist, it is self evident that my ability to effect a person's true conversion to faith in Christ rests in large part on my ability to make a reasonable case that Jesus is God and Savior.  If I cannot explain this apart from threatening to murder someone who is not convinced then not only is the conversion false-but so is my own faith.  Watching a news personality change his name to Khalid and make a gunpoint conversion to islam on video would seem to be an interesting story.  But apparently, I am mistaken.  Rarely has such an amazing occurrence involving a celebrity been so unceremoniously dismissed. 

I am not willing to kill a man so that he will agree with my faith, but I am prepared to kill a man so that he cannot force my compatriots to submit to his.  There is a distinction there that many westerners cannot comprehend.  The consequences of the success of islam by the sword are too grave to bear.  The only thing that we still have going for us is that in an all out fight against a united and committed west, they will be bringing that sword to a gunfight.

President Bush has only two years left and those last two will be spent mostly fighting off impeachment.  Who is going to step forward and say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done?  What will happen if nobody shows up?  9/11 didn't mean $hit to this country, were you aware of that?