Torture deal done- Belly slaps for all my friends
Armed Liberal wants questions for Warren Christopher

Kim Jong-Il on Torture

B5 reader and part-time channeler of despots JihadGene has a message from the pompadoured poofter of Pyongyang himself chiming in on torture and his magic powers.

HELLROW Uncle JimBlow and Flends of Brack Five, from The Great Reader of Norf Korea and Pretty Boy of Pyongyang!!!

Floor God's sakes! Howze ablout give Senator John McWayne (D-Arizona) a blake.
You can WHATA-BOAD me all you wont but I never give in to torture. Sunny bleechin, mudder pucker, George Bloosh!!! You want torture? I glive yoo torture!!! Watch dis video of me more than once if you got da glownads!!!

Love U Looooong Time Uncle JimBlow!!!

I am honored to make the radar screen of one of my favorite petit tyrants, thanks for keeping up with the King of Kimchi Gene.