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Help the families of the Pendleton 8

Kit who is one half of the very entertaining Euphoric Reality along with Heidi sends this reminding us about some folks whose lives have been turned completely upside down.

To All,

I've sent this out to my friends, family, and every military blogger I can think of.  I'm hoping you guys can help. 

If you've been following the Pendleton/Innocent 8 case, then you're aware of the incredible mental, emotional, and financial stress these men are under.

Behind the news articles and interviews and drama are the families. The financial burden of these hearings and upcoming courts-martial have drained them completely. None of them were financially well off; they refinanced homes, took second, third, and even fourth jobs, and pulled other children from college to pay for the defense. Three of these men have very small children who need things like formula and diapers. But the question is inevitable: If every penny goes to defending their sons/husbands from being wrongfully convicted and having their lives ruined, what is left over for groceries? How do their everyday bills get paid? And why are they even in the position of having to choose between a defense and a package of diapers?

That's where we come in.

The Innocent Pendleton 8 Family Fund is not for legal fees. It is not for defense experts or trial costs. It is for phone bills so their sons can call home from the brig. It is for diapers for their babies, groceries for their cupboards, gas for their cars so they can get to work. It is to help them survive financially while these horrifying circumstances are going on.

A total accounting for all monies will be made public to all who ask, and the money will go directly from me personally to the families, in order of immediate need.

In front of Camp Pendleton, where these 8 men have been held in special confinement for over 130 days, there are rallies and media and national TV coverage. But back in little towns in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Washington State, and other locations, their parents and wives don't have enough money to feed their children. This story breaks my heart, and I hope that you can find it in yours to give even a few dollars to help these families.

If you have a blog, please consider linking to the fund on your site and/or posting the button, or even just putting up a post to tell your readers. These men and their families have sacrificed everything they have in our defense and the ensuing court battle.  I would really like to be able to help them back.  Maybe if they don't need to worry about whether their babies are getting enough to eat they can concentrate on the battle ahead.

My post is here.

Thank you for helping these men and their families.


Kit Jarrell
Euphoric Reality