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Here's Hoping Jesse Ventura's beachhouse got flattened

Friday Freefly- Show me the money

WASHINGTON — The U.S. command in Baghdad is seeking bidders for a two-year, $20 million public relations contract that calls for monitoring the tone of Iraq news stories filed by U.S. and foreign media.

I can only assume that Blackfive will be awarded this contract by acclamation due to the fact that we have been doing this damn job for a while now. All I’m saying is there better be some satchels of cash headed our direction.

Jonah Golderg on NRO discussing Islamic Fascism

Personally, if I was deciding these things, I’d call it “Bin Ladenism.” That would account for all the contradictions, provide a rhetorical space for Arabs and Muslims to condemn it (Muslim leaders aren’t going to use the phrase “Islamic Fascism” and “Jihadism” has positive connotations). We used Marxism and Leninism pretty efficiently for a long time and Bin Laden’s ideology is pretty well spelled out, why not do the same with him?

bin Ladenism, OK.

AWOL weasel joins circus at Crawford turns himself in after year plus.

Wilkerson, who said he never left the country but won’t reveal where he was, heard about Sheehan’s efforts to help war resisters after he had decided to surrender.

“It’s amazingly scary to do what he’s doing,” said Sheehan, who did not travel to Killeen on Thursday.

What is amazingly scary is how long this hateful woman will continue to cry on command for the cameras.

Jules Crittenden looks at the Bush Assassination film

Raise your hand if you believe in freedom of speech and a lively public debate of important issues.

     Now, raise your hand if you think a feature film depicting the assassination of President Bush sounds like a thought-provoking look at the important issues of the day. Educational entertainment. A good date flick, maybe, for that hot librarian, the one with the fading "Unelect Bush Again in ’O4" bumper sticker who goes for that deep-think Brit Masterpiece Theatre stuff.