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Climb onboard the Impeachment Special

From my favorite fever swamp tour guide John Nichols

Last Sunday, Sept. 17, I appeared on the National Mall in Washington as part of Camp Democracy’s daylong session on impeachment.

There was little debate about whether George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their compatriots have committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” - the deliberately broad term for executive wrongdoing that the founders intended to address both legal and political concerns. There was a good deal of frustration with the failure of Democratic leaders to accept the responsibility of the opposition party to hold out-of-control leaders to account. But there was, as well, a dawning recognition that the discussion about impeachment will be had - if not as quickly or as well as should be in Washington, then surely in the great expanses of the United States.

It’s been a while since I have smacked around a Johnny Nichols column, and this one is kinda tame, but I thought it was worth examining the view that W needs impeachment. On the Progressive/Left it is taken as gospel that the Bush crime family is guilty of a list of crimes so long I could not begin to recount them here. Virtually every policy or initiative of this administration has been assailed as an illegal infringement on some civil right or simply a bold-faced trampling of the Constitution. The left has been salivating for a while about the prospects of Speaker Pelosi running the House and Chairman Conyers heading the Judiciary committee. Conyers is one of Johnny Nick’s reliable lefty rabble rousers. He even published the collected ramblings of the lefty blogosphere:

Conyers' 800 page conspiracy manual and a look at W-hating here