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Spud Report 02- Cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys

When Will We Learn?

You make deals with France, you get burned.

France essentially wrote the ROE for the UN force to keep the peace in Lebanon.  Soon after "peace" is brokered, France decides to back down on their committment of 2,000 soldiers because the Rules of Engagement were "insufficient".  Instead, they will send 200 (some MSM outlets are titling the deployment "France Sends 200 New --or 'Extra'-- Troops").

And, then, France calls for an end to the blockade (that is in place to keep weapons from Syria and Iran from making their way to Hezbollah).

Here come the "Peacekeepers"(AFP Photo)...thanks, France.  I'm sure those 200 guys will stop Hezbollah from committing terrorism.