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US Army Infantry Graduation Speech

NOTE:  Been in contact with LTC White.  Reposting due to changes made to original post and including PDF file of LTC White's speech.  LTC White is amazed and humbled at how viral this video has become online.

Via SFC (ret) Joseph, LTC Randolph C. White Jr. delivers the graduation speech for the newest batch of Infantrymen to complete training at Ft. Benning, Georgia, on April 21st, 2006. 

This video is 12 minutes and 11 seconds long and will be the best 12:11 minutes you'll spend online this weekend. 

Update 08-05-06: My bombastic battle blog brother, Uncle Jimbo, has allowed us to use his Director's account at YouTube to post the video. As I said in the Comments, after that speech, I'd follow LTC White into hell carrying a gasoline can.

ITB Graduation Speech by LTC Randolph C. White Jr.
Courtesy of Mahone Productions

Here's the link to the Infantry Center where you can watch the original video.

The quotes are numerous and you'll want them.  LTC White gives this speech at every graduation and the text is in all caps for his use at the lectern (not yelling at you all).  Here is the speech (PDF file) - Download 7 July Graduation Speech LTC Randoloh C White.

LTC White will be transitioning as the CO of a Brigade MiTT team heading to Iraq in the next six months.  He'll be advising, training, sustaining an Iraqi Army Brigade and fighting along side of them in that role. 

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