The Long War: Thinking About Issues Raised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The King of all media

I posted this back at for obvious reasons but I figgered I'd share since y'all like to make fun of me too. This is part of a marketing campaign we are currently running and my flapping cakehole is plastered all over town. It's a full page in the Onion although I assume only the local version.

OK, so I only have to answer this once, yes it is me in the ads in the paper, the Isthmus and the Onion. The responsibility for this glaring lack of taste and judgement lies squarely with our marketing folks. In the midst of shooting their ads for this campaign it occurred to them that everyone they were taking pictures of was in their twenties and good looking. So their fearless leader thought of me as a definite departure from that and since they wanted to feature the discourse that our site facilitates that made sense too. Technically I'm just another non-pretty face to add diversity to the campaign, but since I've already had a couple of people ask I figured I would ride the free pubs. If anyone wants to photoshop the ad and make fun of me I will post them.