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Seven Samurai


As you have seen below, Bill Paisley ("Pinch" of Instapinch) has joined us here at Blackfive.

And, now, we'll also be getting some help from Captain B (soon to be Major) of One Marine's View, too.

So, why the additions?

A few reasons, mainly to counter the pseudo-hippiness of Uncle Jimbo...just kidding...mostly.

The real reason is that I'm getting uber-overwhelmed by events.  I've got a great job that I'd like to keep, I've got a book launch happening imminently, I'm starting an Exec MBA tomorrow, the radio show on Sunday nights, and my son starts karate next week and I want to be a part of that, too.

So.  For the next few months, I'll be posting less than usual.  Still be around, just not several times before and after work.  We needed some additional Samurai.

I think the mix is good - me and Seven Samurai (although it could argued that some of us not serving anymore are Ronin) - Enlisted, Officer, Mustang, Civilian, Navy, Marines, Army, Aviator, Submariner, Special Forces, Intel, etc.