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Operation Perish Hilton: A Reminder

Things are hectic right now, but I just wanted to let Hilton know the following:

I just did a marathon trip a couple of weeks ago, and did not stay at anything owned or controlled by Hilton. This trip was only four days, so the hotel part came to less than $200, but still...

I have a business trip coming up before the end of the month, and the $300 or so that is going to hotels during those four days is going to a non-Hilton chain. I double checked, and in so doing got the interest of the manager who has family who has served, and will help spread the word.

I have a big conference coming up as well, and almost a week's worth of $179 a night (without taxes and fees) is going to Hyatt instead.

Small change to Hilton, I know, but it adds up. Especially if we all do our part.

Oh, and good news to the readers here: I met up with David Weber, and he has a new series coming out from Tor. I hope to be able to give you an advanced review soon... Also, I've got reviews of Ringo's just published and one forthcoming book as well.