The Real Plame Conspiracy (UPDATED)
The King of all media


On the 29th Rumsfeld spoke at Fallon Air Station. During a question-and-answer session, Rumsfeld said “the one thing that keeps him up most at night is the manipulation of the media by terrorists”.  He says it bothers him how clever the enemy is. You know something? He’s right. You’ve known it for some time, how the media likes to put their spin on things and make the


look like the bad guy all the time. Its easy for them, they are protected by the rights the warriors deployed are protecting! 

You say it can be! The media are Americans! You say they always “sell” the truth?? Look below, I beg to differ!

As mentioned before the scumbags are always willing to point out how Americans kill innocent civilians and the bone head media goes right with along with it. The facts are that the scumbags have killed thousands if not more innocent Muslims and yes hundreds of women and children!

Have you ever heard the media call the enemy “terrorists” or how about dirt bag scumbags? Nope you hear them use terms like “militants, radicals, gunmen and even freedom fighters." These are American reporters, not German or other foreign country reporters, American, the same country that had its people in NY attacked by these guys! They had rather spend numerous man hours finding dirt on an ill fated service members return from


than help push a positive theme about our country and the war. We are at war you know and if it weren’t for the media, we might be light years ahead in the fight against terrorism! 

Capt B sends.

(Remind self to get Rumsfeld a cigar)