Operation Perish Hilton: A Reminder
Travis Kaemmerer - A Rifleman First

Islamists still trying to blow up planes

Who 'da thunk it?

I wish the US public had an attention span longer than 15 minutes, because the movie about the World Trade Center almost completely omits the reason the buildings fell down. It wasn't an earthquake it was deranged religious fanatics murdering their way to paradise. I assume Oliver Stone, after an agonizing internal struggle, decided that to be fair he would not show Dick Cheney with his finger on a button dropping the buildings with demo, but neither would he show any of the Islamist swine actually responsible. Well shockingly the jihadis are still hard at work

LONDON - British authorities said Thursday they had thwarted a terrorist plot to simultaneously blow up several aircraft heading to the U.S. using explosives smuggled in carry-on luggage. Heathrow was closed to most flights from Europe, and British Airways canceled all its flights Thursday between the airport and points in Britain, Europe and Libya

Burningtowers I also hope that incidents like this remind people of the global and pervasive nature of our enemy. They are everywhere and they are in this for the long haul. Terror began for me and most of the West with Palestinians murdering Israeli athletes in Munich in 1972. Read a little bin Laden and you will see he has beefs dating back to before they had dates. There is no appeasement or accommodation you can make with people who will only accept your destruction or dhimmitude. Minus the North Koreans, most of the major problems in the world right now are caused by Islamists. We have been trying to roll our efforts up in a War on Terror, because it is insensitive to mention that it is Muslim men 18-40 from a small number of countries hell bent on exploding their way to the promised 72 goats, who are the problem.

I hear CAIR and others complain that it is unfair to profile, but I hope the Brits had help and intel from Muslims to catch these swine. It is in the interest of tolerant, moderate Muslims worldwide to root out and rat out the jihadis. Nobody will give the guy wearing the keffiyeh a second glance as soon as guys in keffiyehs stop blowing people up in the name of Allah. So I declare international Muslim spy on your neighbor day. You know that guy at the mosque always going on about the Joooos and the Great Satan, well cozy up to him. Let him tell you about his theories, and his scheme to retake the holy land. Then when he springs his cunning plan, you can say the magic words and the FBI will swoop in and scarf him up. The bad guys live among the rest of the Muslim communities worldwide, the only way this war ends is when those communities decide they won't tolerate the jihadis. Until then all we can do is keep looking for them and whacking 'em down whenever we find them.