Where Are We Going?
Jack Idema calls from Afghanistan

Iran steps directly into the crosshairs

Following up on Grim's excellent piece below. By Barbara Lerner in NRO, an excellent piece detailing Iran’s success in leading the Islamic war against us.

Today, Iran’s emboldened mullahs are on a triumphant roll, waging a bloody, three-front proxy war against us, using the Mahdi army to assassinate dreams of peace and democracy in Iraq, using Hezbollah to blow up those same dreams in Lebanon, again, and using Hamas to make a grotesque mockery of them in the Holy Land. Now they threaten to activate Hezbollah terror cells, here in America and throughout the world, to kill and maim us at home and inflict more carnage on our allies. This week, they mocked our efforts to prevent them from becoming a nuclear power, announcing that nothing we do — in the U.N. or elsewhere — will stop them from going nuclear, and sharing their WMDs with other rogue states and Islamofascist terror groups at will. More ominous yet, they threaten to unleash an apocalyptic surprise on us on August 22, the night they believe Mohammed lit up the skies by ascending to heaven from the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

When President Bush called out the Axis of Evil, I would have ranked North Korea as top rabid dog, followed by Iraq, Iran & Syria. Since the North Koreans likely have nukes they had some immunity from military action, but right there at number two was an excellent target in Sadaam’s Iraq. We had piles of UN resolutions and we needed to point out to the world that Afghanistan was payback, but we weren’t going to wait for the next blow to land. Invading Iraq and deposing Sadaam served several purposes, first removing and evil despot who killed tens of thousands of his own people, second enforcing compliance with Security Council resolutions requiring that he prove he had stopped his weapons programs, and third, most important in my mind, putting tyrants and evil regimes on notice that they could be next.

That concept, pour encourageur les autres, to encourage the others, was designed to save us having to actually confront these others directly. We did see Gaddafi in Libya forsaking his WMD ambitions, but our inability to come to a decisive victory in Iraq and the confluence of several other events leaves us needing a change in our purpose. One of the biggest problems we face is sectarian violence, and Moqtada al Sadr, and his Mahdi Army may be the worst offenders. Our failure to properly ventilate his cranium when he allowed his militia to attack US troops early after the invasion has come back to haunt us. He now promotes violence against Sunnis and even rallies his people in support of Hezbollah. He shares Ahmadinejad of Iran’s belief in the return of the 12th Imam and seems hellbent on helping create the chaos and strife necessary for the 12th Imam to lead Islam to glorious victory over the infidels. Quite a bit more back in the Mad City