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Iran & France dance and lie; Nukes under construction

Once again we get to watch the graceless diplomatic dance as France and Iran pretend that talking or bribery will stop the Iranians from finishing their nukes. The amazing thing is they do this while the Iranian leadership proudly proclaims they will not stop their uranium enrichment and they have now locked the IAEA inspectors out of their facilities.

NR’s Michael Rubin

They did not agree to suspend enrichment, but they’ve obfuscated the issue enough that they’ll get away with it.

In short, they’ve decided to talk about what rewards we’ll give them, but have refused the conditions under which those rewards were to be granted.

If the Mullahs do not allow the inspectors back into their facilities very shortly we will have a situation where we will no longer have any idea how far along the process is. As of now they have successfully enriched a considerable amount of uranium to “low” enrichment levels used for nuclear energy. The next step is to refine it up to “high” enrichment levels needed for weapons, and the first step in that process is booting the inspectors so they can deny doing this.

Funny thing about this is I can’t think of anyone who believes they won’t use the weapons once they get them.  So what do we do now?

Update: Reader Rey sends.

Jim, I dont think that hitting the "known" facilities would do squat. I propose a bolder solution. Just like the problem with gun violence is not the gun but the perp, the problems with nukes is not the nuke but the owner of the nuke. So, lets wait until Ahmadinejad and the muhllas are having the latest "death to America" meeting and lets put a dozen tomahawks in the meeting hall. Kill the leadership and then announce that we will kill any leadership that threatens "death to America and death to Israel" ever again. You want to be taken seriously and with respect? Sure, we believe you when you call for our submission or destruction. We just refuse to allow you to pursue it. Lets give them our own version of the shahid.

He's got an excellent point here