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Amputee Surfers - Follow Up

RE: Amputee Surfers (read first)

Here's the (AAR) message I received about the event:

Operation Comfort and Ampsurf.
The mission: To give some amputee soldiers and marines a chance to surf.
The outcome: A stoke beyond all belief.  
Operationcomfort.org and ampsurf.com teamed up in Pismo Beach, CA August 16-20 to give a bunch of amputee soldiers and marines the opportunity to surf. For 4-5 hours a day they learned to surf thanks to a small army of fortunate volounteers. Whether they had day two, one or no legs to stand on, the vets gave it their all. Local coverage was huge - the whole surf community was in on it. Even CNN, and National Geographic showed up.
I was blessed by the presence of the soldiers and marines here on the Central Coast. The determination that these guys and gals showed as well as the "determined fun" that they were working for was an inspiration to us all.
When I looked at these guys - my eyes started to mist, not out of pity, but of pride at the quality of our young men and women in our armed services. I was so happy to actually give something tangible to them (a taste of the coolest sport ever) for all that they and hundreds of thousands have done for me and my family. Bcause they are "out there" sacraficing. My family can sleep peacefully.
Seeing these guys (me at 42) I thought that I had the opportunity do do what they did - serve in the armed forces. But I didn't. Getting in the water and pushing a board ahead of the wave for these guys was an honor. It is a stoke that will last a lifetime. Again, I was given a gift I didn't deserve. Guys and gals - keep the stoke alive and thank you.
Operationcomfort.org, you're awesome! I look forward to seeing you next year.
Glenn Norberg