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Real Intel on Haditha

A Marine Murtha didn't talk to

I wonder if the cut and run court jester John Murtha talked with this Marine about Haditha

A sergeant who examined the scene hours after Marines killed two dozen Iraqis in Haditha last year said the shootings appeared to be an appropriate response to a coordinated insurgent attack, according to a sworn statement obtained by The Washington Post.

Sgt. J.M. Laughner, part of a Marine human-intelligence exploitation team that was hunting down insurgent bombmakers, went from house to house in Haditha on Nov. 19, 2005, and acknowledged finding two dozen bodies, including some of women and small children.

But Laughner said the scenes of the slayings appeared to match the version of events the Marine squad provided that day and did not seem especially out of the ordinary, according to a transcript of Laughner’s interview with military investigators in March.

On a lighter note here is a heart-warming little diversion that will help keep a smile on your face.

Whack a Mullah

You have to whack them a huge number of times for a KO