Kurd Testifies about Saddam Atrocities
Iran & France dance and lie; Nukes under construction

A Good Post At Daily KOS

I had an email forwarded today from someone complaining about this post on Daily KOS.  My sympathies to the gentleman who wrote the original, who knew one of the ladies mentioned, and is outraged to see her picture on a KOS diary, being used to further a political agenda.  That agenda is feminism.

That said, read it anyway.  The author, because she wants these ladies to serve as models for her agenda, treats them in exactly the right way:  she celebrates their lives, and honors their sacrifices.  It is a very good post.

She finishes:

"I'd like everyone who has some kind of problem with feminism to look long and hard at the faces of these women and consider the fact that they died for YOU and they were doing a man's job."

That they did, and that they were.  My respects to fallen heroines and volunteers.