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Worst Case Scenario... Coordination

With the now burgeoning war between Israel and Lebanon, things on this planet could get very, very ugly. 

It is well known that Lebanon is a client state of Syria and further, that Syria is a client state of Iran.  There are reports that Iranian defense officials are now in Damascus possibly pulling the strings on a coordinated assault of Israel by Hamas and Hizbullah.  Israel has already buzzed Syria's dictator's house, and the leader of the "militant wing" (is there a non-militant wing?) of Hamas is also under the protection of the Syrians in Damascus.  If you think that this is a potential nightmare scenario for Israel and the US, it gets worse.

Remember North Korea?  They are very close with the Iranians as well, and it is postulated by intel sources that they have been sharing nuclear and missile technology for the past two years.  KJI has no cash since we froze most of his assets in foreign banks for running a massive US currency counterfeiting operation, and the Iranians are wallowing in cash and hate the US as much as NK. 

So what if this entire international drama: NK missile launches and Hamas/Hizbullah kidnapping of Israeli soldiers is designed to initiate 2 major and geographically separated wars for the US?  If Israel and Syria end up mixing it up, the Syrians could invoke their mutual security pact with Iran.  In order to defend Syria, Iran would have to traverse Iraq, and then... it is on.  Meanwhile, if the Norkos decide to re-unify the Korean Pennisula at the same time, we would be in quite a difficult position. 

I know it sounds farfetched, but they don't call 'em the Axis of Evil for nothin' now do they?  We could expect exactly ZERO assistance from a NATO that is too pussified to be of any use at this point in the middle eastern front, and besides, the Euros are rooting for the Palestinians anyway.  In NK, we would almost certainly have to go nuclear in order to have any chance of saving the 20,000 US troops and their families in ROK, which would make the Chinese very anxious.  The Chinese might just take the opportunity to retake Taiwan, but you never know.  By the way we have a defense pact with the Taiwanese, so who knows what could happen?

Let me say that I am in no way predicting that any of this will come to pass (please God No!), but I throw it out there for consideration and comment.  Discuss amongst yourselves- topic: the end of the world.  Discuss.  I feel Veklempt, very Veklempt.