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Welcome to my Lebanese Nightmare

Blogging from Beirut is Fouad from Welcome to My Lebanese Dream.  Well not anymore:

We are ALL guilty. ALL OF US. Emergency hiwar watani session??? I am not sure if I should laugh or puke my guts out on the table. Let it be known to all. We are scared, our lives are on the line, our country is history, but it's all our fault. Each and every one of us. These are the people we elected, these are the people we let freely thrive in their little haven of hatred and murderous ideals, and this is us, scared and incapacitated, failing but to point fingers and complain. Well let me tell you this folks, we pulled our pants down and stuck our naked asses out, and now that we're fucked, we really don't have jack shit to complain about.

Recognizing the reality of appeasing terrorists is a horrifying experience as evidenced by this reaction of one citizen of Lebanon.

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Beirut Spring - This blogger advocates supporting Hizbullah "for now" but check out his comments thread.  The Lebanese people are not digging it.