Don't be trying to upstage Uncle Sam on Independence Day... Biatch!
Reporter finds good news

Tough times on the lunatic fringe

Kim_jong_il_fish_tank_1All right let's take a quick look at what went where with all of this North Korean fireworks.

First, and I take complete credit for this, they took the threat of our knocking their toy down enough to fire some Scuds attempting to draw our fire. Sweeeeet.

Second, none of their 1950s vintage tekmology (to quote Ali G), worked worth a damn. Well maybe the Scuds, but we knew that, the rest of their stuff didn't even really make the Japanese nervous.

Third, now the little nuttah has shot his wad and it was woefully unimpressive. So he upped his status as crazy enough to actually push the button, but he showed that there ain't much behind those curtains no matter how many buttons he pushes.

I kinda picture the crazy bastard watching missile after missile swan dive into the drink and yelling " Shoot another one NOW! Do you have any idea how f***ing busy I am?". He may have put himself back into the quaint and not overly dangerous category, oh wait, what about those nukes? Given this performance, odds are that program is finding more success growing three-headed fish than multi-warhead bombs.

Not that there isn't a serious danger to the world in having the full power of a nation state invested in a cartoon-quality fruitcake, but maybe we should start a round of Looney Tunes negotiations. We could get Lil' Kim, Ahm-a-nut-a-job from Iran, some of those Islamists whackos in Mogadishu. Heck Gaddhafi could host in Libya and give a keynote about how much nicer it is not wondering when the infidel is going to stick a cruise missile up your ass. "It's a Small World" anyone?

Didn't think so, It was fun for a minute though. Now it's time to put the screws to Kim, the Mullahs and anyone else asking for a get out of negotiations free card. The Chinese could do us all a favor and tell Kim, cut the crap or we won't send any more oil or food.....just that simple. He had his chance to show the might of the NK empire and it was a bad Science Fair project. Now feed your country! And you 12th Imam hasteners in Tehran need to chill, or we will flood your country with I-pods &  laptops and let your own kids lock your crazy asses up.