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Devil Dog Dad sends this article from the Fayetteville Observer:

By Henry Cuningham
Military editor

Sixteen years ago, the Air Force was about to get rid of the A-10. Now the Air Force plans to keep the Warthog for 22 more years.

“The A-10 is proposed to stay in the inventory till 2028,” said Col. Warren L. Henderson, commander of the 23rd Fighter Group at Pope Air Force Base.

The aircraft, which is known for flying low and slowly over battlefields in support of ground troops, will be upgraded to the A-10C configuration. The upgraded aircraft will have more computer technology and precision-guided weapons and the ability to shoot from higher altitudes in all weather.

The first A-10 was deployed in 1976, according to the Air Force. Last year, Henderson was the pilot when Aircraft 697 hit the 11,000-hour mark, setting a record for the A-10.

“A lot of people like to poke fun at the A-10 because it’s old and it’s slow,” Henderson said. “It doesn’t have all the fancy weapons, but there’s a lot to be said, and our customers tell us this, for a system that has staying power, can service a target over and over and over again, that has a big gun and knows how to use it. There’s just no beating that.”...