Radio Left calls me despicable
The road to Tehran goes through Damascus

The Blackfive Weekend in Review

First, I wish that I had written this piece by Grim about Limits:

...If North Korea will not be reformed, it must not be allowed to dictate through terror and nuclear power the future of northern Asia. If Iran cannot be reformed, it must not be allowed to dominate the lives of millions of people in Iraq and elsewhere. If Syria will insist on backing terrorist groups as a matter of national policy, and if indeed it is beyond us to change them, then their state power must be laid waste. The future of humanity, a future in which every corner of the globe is increasingly important to the entirety of humanity, will be brighter if we strike down such tyrants.

I continue to believe in the gamble in Iraq. I continue to believe that we ought, morally, to avoid real war and pursue a type of fighting that will spread freedom and prosperity now. I hate the idea of laying waste even to a tyranny, for there are innocents there who are victims of these evil states. Far better if we can free them, help them shake off the sickness of the mind and heart that tyranny embeds in men, and teach them to rejoin peace-loving people abroad.

My feeling is that the Special Forces have the right motto, which ought to guide America: De Oppresso Liber. That is the right way for us...

See what I mean?  Damn.

And I can't tell if this Geoff character from Radio Left is serious or not.  First, calling Jimbo a Chickenhawk?  Next time, just stick your @#$% in the fan, Geoff. 

Jimbo does like to use more colorful language.  However, I agree with his message to the New York Times.  [Update:  Jimbo and the President share the same trait.  Who knew?]

And then talking about enlisted envy of officers?  Hhhmm.  That's pretty inaccurate (not to mention @#$%ing stupid) about the writers here.  Let's see...there's me who served as both a Sergeant and Officer.  Jimbo was a SF Master Sergeant.  Froggy is an enlisted Navy SEAL now serving in the Reserves.  Subsunk is a retired Navy officer.  Grim was a Marine.  And Laughing Wolf holds the highest rank as a Civilian.

While the enlisted side of Blackfive is certainly jealous (who wouldn't be?) of my fly mint-green wardrobe and superious intellect and wit, the idea that any of them would be jealous of someone's rank is laughable.  We all make choices and we are all responsible for our course in life.  Of course, to a Socialist left winger, that's probably not the case because you get to blame everyone but yourself for your miserable existence.

Okay, enough about the nutjob over at Radio Left.

Next, thanks for all of your suggestions about improvements here.  We all appreciate the feedback and will work on making some changes (the email this post was added, and for the true blogging geeks we added the technocrati tag listings and bookmarking at the bottom of each post).

The New York Times has finally really shown it's ass.  If it wasn't for the leaks and exposure of legitimate intelligence programs that have helped us capture terrorists wasn't enough, they publish photos of insurgents trying to kill Americans and call the photographer courageous.  I cannot/will not publish my reaction.  Again, agree with Jimbo.  And it just proves that they are not patriotic, let alone pro-victory.

And finally, last night's Pundit Review Radio Someone You Should Know segment was about Special Forces Master Sergeant Anthony S. Pryor.  I'll post the link to the podcast when it is available.  Tony Pryor is definitely someone that you should know.  I can't think of any other American who I'd trust to defend us more than Tony Pryor...