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Stop the Sensitivity

Via Seamus, words from a Marine First Sergeant in Fallujah:

...We had a Marine get hit square in the chest by a sniper shot the other day but he was able to get up and run for cover. Yes they knock you down for some reason but the ballistic protection does its job. Stopped it cold of course the Marine has a big bruise in the middle of his chest but he is great shape. The sniper you ask, he ran into a mosque to hide because he knows we don’t go into them. Why don’t we go into them you ask? Because we would be insensitive, there’s that word again, to them if we did. We are we sensitive to them, even after a known shooter, ran into it? Because there are a few people back home, who are not getting shot by snipers, who are upset and are throwing tantrums about us being insensitive. Why are they not here you ask? We’ll I guess they are to busy burning our flag. We did call the local police, so we could be sensitive, who had 6 guys search the entire place in about, um 30 seconds and came out and said they found nothing. Now how do you suppose he got out when we had the place surrounded?...

Things that make you go "Hhhhmm..."

And the good First Sergeant says a few IED planters had accidents:

...Anyways to the North of our building we heard a big explosion, the building shook a little, and a large flash of light flew through the darkness about 22:30 that night. It was an insurgent placing a very large artillery IED in the street and it suddenly went off. Oops, now I don’t want to be insensitive here to this guy but I never had anyone blow themselves up during Americantology before [edit note:  Marines using audio technology to blast music]. I can’t begin to tell you how upset we were here with the whole thing, trying to be more sensitive an all. I would like to think he heard it playing but since it only can only be heard by Americans and dogs that wasn’t the reason. But maybe that was the reason, he couldn’t hear it and he knew we were playing it. Everybody wants to come to the greatest country in the world and stand under the statue of liberty as that flag waves.  So we finished our night and went to grab a few hours of rack out time, those that weren’t on post that is.  We were out about 0430 again when we heard another large boom in the north again. See we go out before all the civilians get up to sweep streets for IED’s or to get bad guys so that we cut down on casualties to the civilians. But who would have guessed it, it happened again about 0430, no I was not playing Americantology at that time, another couple of guys planting IED’s blew them selves up. The police went out and picked them up, for a while, and then everyone went on as usual because that is the usual...