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Someone You Should Know: Evan L. Schwerner

Our friends at, who did so much for I MBC ("First MilBlogs Conference"), have a story today about one of the Marine Corps' newest corporals... "Pappy." Strange nickname for a corporal, wouldn't you say?

Well, he's actually an old corporal, returning after a short 21-year break. By "break," I mean working as a detective with the special Emergency Service Unit of the NYPD. This break included rescuing citizens from the North Tower on 9/11. More than half the NYPD officers who died on that day were from the ESU, including two from his squad.

I'm sure the Marines here will be only too glad to welcome Corporal Evan L. "Pappy" Schwerner home. He's actually been back for more than a year -- I'm sorry I didn't know sooner. Thank you, Corporal... Detective.

UPDATE:  Tim in the comments corrects me, pointing out that towards the end of the piece it mentions that "Pappy" is now a sergeant.  I regret the error, but congratulations to Sgt. Schwerner!  It was a promotion well deserved.