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Soldiers' Angels on Army.mil AND Michael Yon Online

Here are two great pieces about Soldiers' Angels:

1.  Army News Service - Soldiers’ Angels bring necessities, cheer to recovering war wounded

...“The impression I got was that they were happy that someone was there in Germany to care about them. One could see from their faces a sense of relief that someone besides the doctors and nurses came to visit and show concern,” said [Willie] Aufmkolk.

“In 2004 we met a man who had lost a leg and was in a wheelchair. He took the gift we had brought, but he wouldn’t look at me, as if he were embarrassed about his injury,” she said. “I ran into him again later in the Landstuhl hospital and invited him to have a cup of coffee with me. After talking for a little while his face finally opened up, and it was as if he came back to life. It’s the small things, like conversation and someone showing he or she cares, that make a difference.”...

Hopefully, this is not the first time that you've heard of German citizens caring for our troops.  Willie has been featured here before as Someone You Should Know and she's been recognized by our troops for her efforts.  If you are not familiar with our Angels in Germany (German and American - hey Mary Ann!), they have a blog - Soldiers' Angels Germany.

2.  Michael Yon - First Person Singular, Patti Patton-Bader and Soldiers' Angels.