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Radio Left calls me despicable

Although the Dems pulled their heinous casket ad, some people just can't let it go.  There is some sort of internet radio station called Radio Left and somehow my little love poem to the Dems came to the attention of their delightful maroon Geoff. Geoff

He posted some brain-freezingly dense comments over at YouTube and then posted a little attempted rip on me over in Radidio Leftville. Near as I can tell his take is that I am a foul-mouthed chickenhawk. Well I will cop to the profanity contained in a piece described as a profanity-laced tirade, you got me there buddy, but I really love the chickenhawk angle. Anyhow I thought I would show him how chickenhawks roll.

Oh and I do manage to drop one more F-bomb in the midst of this so be advised, although the tone is sweet and caring so there is that. Video is currently out of sync with the audio, my copy is good, I am reuploading to YouTube. Transcript below the fold.

I have a new fan from my heartfelt, comforting commentary about the Dems commercial with the flag-draped caskets. Geoff who has some affiliation with Radio Left left a few comments at YouTube that were so stunningly stupid I just have to share.

Well, it appears you have the typical arrogant attitude of your Repugnant buddies. You can't demand that anyone like your profane and disgusting rant.

I didn't ask anyone to like it or even watch it.

According to your profile, you are 41. You can enlist in the armed forces up to age 42. So, why haven't you enlisted? Why aren't you in Iraq fighting along side my brother?

I don't know how he found the rant, but my blog at madison.com and Blackfive both mention that my military service block is checked, and it's more than a litlle silly to require personal action for anything you advocate. I mean how many trees has this clown hugged? How many otters has he scrubbed? Shouldn't he be human shielding Nuke facilities in Iran?

Repugnant squeels of profane outrage show we really scored a bull's eye with this ad.

My cousin Paul was killed fighting in Iraq last year. My family would be proud if one of the caskets in the ad were Paul's.

I just wonder why Mr. Profanity isn't fighting in Iraq right now if he is such a great patriot. We all know the answer to this one don't we? It's the same reason George W. Bush hid out in Texas.

Mr. Profanity, like Mr. Bush is a piss-in-his-pants yellow stainded coward.

If my pants are stainded it's probably barbecue sauce, and if I'm a chckenhawk then I hunt chickens, Hmmmmm Chicken, I need to fire up the grill.

Anyone who believes Bush claims the Iraq war is critical to our survival would enlist like they did in WWII.

The Iraq War is about Bush lies and incompetence. If it were about survival, those who believe that would be lining up to enlist.

They aren't. So, those who support the war are either cowards or they don't believe Bushwipe's terrorizing rhetoric.

Both are descpicable. You decide which it is

I choose Daffy Duck, which is your new moniker

At this point I caught up and commented back to Daffy

Radidio Lefty.

I am sorry for the loss of your cousin, and pleased that your brother is home. It comforts me to know that some members of your family understand that they support you and every other jackass who wants to be as wrong as you. That is about as American as it gets.

And regarding your silly requirement that one must enlist to protest. wouldn't that mean you ought to STFU! That is why those who serve do so , so clowns like you and me can sit home and flap our gums.

Not that it matters, but I was Army Special Forces Weapons douchebag, I've operated in more than 20 countries worldwide and probably done as much humanitarian work as any Peace Corps type you've ever met.

So thanks for showing up and proving my point, moron!


Uncle J

His devastating retort

Well, jackass, the enlistment age is 42. You claim to be 41. So, if this war is so important, why aren't you over there fighting?

Because I'm fat and lazy now and I would slow them down. If I thought they really needed my help then I would advocate withdrawal because I am way down on our depth chart.

The reason is that you know good and well that Iraq was a huge mistake and that Bush did it because he is incompetent, greedy, and corrupt.

Retirement didn't stop anyone from re-upping in WWII. But, then that was a war of necessity fought under a Democratic Commander-in-Chief, just like WWI.

P. S. We'e not interested in the past. What have you done for your country lately? Answer: nothing except collect a pension you don't deserve since you faked everything to make yourself look good. And, I'll bet you were one of the pigs wearing a purple heart band-aid at the 2004 Repug Convention. Fake "heroes" like you defile our armed forces.

So now Daffy has done a lap or two around my psyche and has unearthed my tremendous pose, you see I am actually Jesse Macbeth, I just read a little bit more about the military. Now I have never done anything heroic and certainly never claimed to. I did hear from several Sergeants Major about that defiling the service thing though, I had no idea how important a good haircut is....still don't.

Ahhhh Daffy, I know it's hard out there for a duck, but you gotta persevere. I mean c'mon Gore is on the comeback trail, well that's not really good news is it. Look at it this way, if things in the Middle East keep up you can be pissed at W for liberating Lebanon, Syria and maybe even Iran too. Just think how superior you can feel as tyrants start dropping like flies. You will know it was all a neocon global conspiracy and that even though all those people think they are free, they are actually pawns of the Bush crime family. Say hey to Ward Churchill and Kevin Barrett on your way home.....A Buh Bye.