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Our Northern Neighbors in Combat

    I asked a few of the soldiers how they felt about this war, a war that had begun with an attack on American soil. How did it feel being Canadian leading the fight? The answers were nearly all the same, "It's time that someone else steps up. The United States shouldn't have to carry the fight alone. We may be Canadians, but the attack was an attack on our common values and beliefs. The attack of 9-11 was an attack on all of us."

Tim Oren of Due Dilligence sends these posts about the Canadians in the fight in Afghanistan.  The writing and the combat photography are amazing but some caution is warranted for as it is about actual combat in Afghanistan:

Panjawi, Part 1

Dawn Raid

Bookmark Scott Kesterson's reporting on the fighting in Afghanistan.  Scott is a freelance photo-journalist.  Here is part of a message he sends to his readers:

...The operations here in Afghanistan, as I have commented on so many times, began with the attacks on September 11, 2001. Yet, the operations of the past days that I was part of were led by Canadians. What has resulted is a bonding of US and Canadian forces never before seen. They are not just our neighbor to the north, they have proven themselves to be fighters and soldiers worthy of the highest honors that the US Army offers its own.

On our first morning of being attacked, I found myself holding back tears as I filmed Canadians fighting a fight that began on American soil. In interviews that followed, I discovered the depth of commitment that these soldiers held in their hearts, as they expressed their belief in purpose and shared their emotions, at times with tears. Two countries, each proud of their roots and history, unified across the border that distinguishes each of us...