I question your patriotism
Radio Left calls me despicable

NY Times employs terrorist photographer

UPDATE: The Real Ugly American has a conversation with lefty twit Glenn Greenwald underway and surprisingly Greenwald is with our intrepid terrorist clown. Shocking I know, but well worth a look at.

Mahdi_terrorist_joao_silva_1 I am almost out of outrage about the opposition media, but I will dig deep to show Joao Silva, NY Times photog, the hate he deserves. If you are in the room with a terrorist who is trying to shoot my friends and you are not killing that terrorist, then you are a terrorist too. I don't see how any other conclusion makes sense, especially when you factor in terrorism's need for publicity in order to terrorize. Sadly he's not the only one as his buddy Bilal Hussein's Pulitzer Prize for a photo of an assassination he tagged along with the terrorists to take. By acting as the public affairs office for the bad guys you have chosen sides and consequently opened yourself up to the consequences of your actions. I think Joao ought to be in custody for providing material support to terrorist groups knowingly. I assume that prime placement of photos of your terrorist activities in the NY Times qualifies as material support, I mean an ad would cost tens of thousands of dollars and Silva knew that publishing the photos of many different terrorists would certainly help their cause, so I wonder why the FBI is no talking with him.

I don't know if Silva is an American and I doubt we travel in the same circles but if I ever do run into him I will detain him and notify the FBI that I have a terrorist in custody. I mean a look at his cell phone and email obviously would be helpful if we wanted to capture bad guys instead of promoting their cause for them. I might have to give Chuck D a shout and have another heart to heart with the media jackals.

I don't know and don't care whether or not what Silva did was illegal, I know for sure it was wrong. I asked my wife, who just moved us to a hippy neighborhood and who is currently shopping for a VW camper van, whether she thought the person taking this picture was a terrorist. She said yes and agreed that if the photog ate a bullet while taking the shot he was a valid target. I think if the jackals want to be so helpful to those trying to kill US troops, we ought to show them that we don't appreciate it.

Perhaps he could snap some beach shots down at Gitmo, it's lovely there this time of year.

h/t LGF