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Madison's own Ward Churchill- My Favorite Moonbat

I nominated this clown a while back, but he has (h/t Michael in MI) gotten some national pub recently so I thought I would share a little email tet a tet from last February. He published a piece in The Capital Times here that prompted me to write this

Cap Times publishes 9/11 denier

The paper is fair and balanced though (HA) as two days later they published this Op-Ed from me:

We must resist Islamist demand for submission

Anyhow, I had emailed him and he responded in true ultra-maroon fashion.

                 Mr. Barrett,

Read your piece in the Cap Times today. I double-checked to see if
you were a humorist or satirist, but sadly you appear to be serious. Good luck with your theorizing, and definitely keep an eye out for the black helicopters. Just out of curiosity, did the planes actually hit the buildings or was that BS too?


Uncle J

He then played right into my intense dislike of classism


It’s DOCTOR Barrett to you ; )

Every statement in that op-ed is thoroughly documented, which is why they published it after it checked out. See footnoted version below.

Denial is not a river in Egypt.


Dr. K

And I believe that is true, since one ultra-maroon sitting across a table writing down every farcical uttering of another constitutes thorough documentation. He also quotes a Duke prof who he calls America’s top bin Laden expert. Once again true, if you classify America as only those who see through the BS and recognize that it’s all a big conspiracy man C O N…..uhh spiracy man. I’ve met an actual bin Laden expert or two and surprisingly none seem to share the off beat assessment of Mr. Barrett that it’s all a big CIA conspiracy. Given the CIA’s serial attempts to hurt the Bush administration it is foolish to dream that there is still a gargantuan hidden conspiracy, and that out of the thousands of people it would have taken to do this, not one single soul has ratted them out. Sorry buddy, it’s you and your merry band of nuttahs.

Now he included a listing of the things he cites as showing 9/11 was an inside job, and I have included them and our email trail at the end of this piece if you wish to peruse his logic trail. I would summarize it as garden variety tin foil but judge for yourself.

The entire sordid tale and a debate in the offing?