Even in Beirut, Karma is a Bitch
Brokeback French Sniper

Looking Forward to...

    "Hello, boys, this is radio Berlin calling.  We know you are coming 17th Airborne Division!  You will not need parachutes...

    "You. Can. Walk. Down. On. Our. Flak!"- Axis Sally, the "Berlin Bitch", March 1945 on the eve of Operation Varsity (Airborne Assault on the Rhineland)

EA's Medal of Honor series continues with AIRBORNE!


Go here to watch the trailer...

And what XBox360 owner isn't waiting for this:

"This is the way the world ends." - Cortana, HALO 3


Here's the link to the hi-res trailer (you may have to enter DOB first).

Here's the link to the lower quality trailer on Google Video.