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I ran across Pat Dollard's website tonight, and let me tell you something.  If you don't know anybody in the military, spend 10 minutes watching his videos and then you will.  Apparently, Pat is a former Hollywood type that went to Iraq on his own dime like Michael Yon and Bill Rogio to spend time in the field with the Marines serving in the Triangle of Death south of Baghdad.  While his combat footage is great, better still are the video interviews of the Marines, contractors, and Iraqi soldiers. 

If you want to find out how the Marines feel about anti-war protestors and even their gutless friends back home that talk a good game but never get around to signing the contract watch the "Trailer" vid at the top of the page.  Don't miss Michael Moore being punked out by an Iraqi interpreter... priceless.

But the real masterpiece is the "Welcome to the Triangle of Death" vid where he tapes himself and several Marines suffering and praying aloud during a mortar attack as the rounds are steadily walking closer and closer.  It will send a chill up your spine, and give you a tremendous appreciation for the real horror of being the target of insurgent mortars.  A very young female Marine describes the death of a comrade outside the chowhall in excruciating detail. 

But most importantly, Dollard's videos display the irrepressible fortitude and cheerfulness of the Marines as they go about doing some unbelievably dangerous work so that we can be safe here in the US.

Don't miss it.


[BLACKFIVE NOTE:  Pat Dollard, who in my opinion is the REAL DEAL, will be on Pundit Review Radio on Sunday night following the Someone You Should Know segment at 9PM EST.  You can listen during the broadcast by going here.]