Finally --- An Honest News Story -- Without The Bias
Hezbollah loves children- dead ones

I knew it was the Jooos all along

It has long been known that Jooos are the root of all evil and obviously, therefore, forthwith, henceforth, all wars too. Well now at least one of the Levantine leviathans is copping to it. Now first you have to understand that in addition to his Jewitude this one is particularly egregious.

I mean he is the Caliph of Catblogging FFS. And I realize I did this too, once, but mine was to see if Matty would kick me off Blackfive, he didn't and all have paid for his weakness. But this war-mongering master of the Middle East also acts like baseball and the excremental Houston Astros are worthy of attention, Damnable Hebrew. Why don't you stick to usury, desangrifying Christian babies and war?! Anyhow he begins to repent, or not, here.

Well, thanks CNN.

Thank you for telling the world that Mel Gibson was out driving drunk, got in an altercation with the arresting officers, and didn't make any berserk anti-Semitic comments at all.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm a very busy man. I'm responsible for all the wars in the world, you know.

How so?

Well, I started young, an apprentice manager of the Pepsi-Coke Cola Wars of the 80's and worked my way up the ranks.

Then, I consulted with the Iran-Iraq Wars. You know, because sending Shia Persians against Sunni Arabs was a great way to thin the enemy herd.

If he didn't have legions of young Muslims kidnapped from their families to tend his herd of feline freeloaders, he would suffocate beneath the dung. I think that exposing the machinations of the puppet masters is a vital service and I hope some disinterested group like the UN will help us resist the power these less than 50 million reprobates wield in our world.