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Our Northern Neighbors in Combat

Hezbollah loves children- dead ones

I lived until 2002 in a small southern village near Mardshajund that is inhabited by a majority of Shias like me. After Israel left Lebanon, it did not take long for Hezbollah to have its say in other towns. Received as successful resistance fighters and armed to the teeth, they stored rockets in bunkers in our town as well. The social work of the Party of God consisted in building a school and a residence over these bunkers! A local sheikh explained to me laughing that the Jews would lose in any event because the rockets would either be fired at them or if they attacked the rockets depots, they would be condemned by world opinion on account of the dead civilians. These people do not care about the Lebanese population, they use them as shields, and, once dead, as propaganda. As long as they continue existing there, there will be no tranquility and peace.

Dr. Mounir Herzallah

OK let me get this straight Hezbollah, who does so much charitable work, builds a piece of terrorism infrastructure and then puts a school on top of it.

After thousands of rockets fired into Israel from these Hezbollah hideouts among their own people, the Israelis document that there are rockets being fired from just behind a structure in Qana. These rockets fly purposely toward Israeli civilians killing and wounding innocents. The Israelis then drop leaflets warning the populace that because rockets are coming from their houses they will be forced to destroy those houses to safeguard their own people.


To all citizens south of the Litani River

Due to the terror activities being carried out against the State of Israel from within your villages and homes, the IDF is forced to respond immediately against these activities, even within your villages. For your safety! We call upon you to evacuate your villages and move north of the Litani River.

Then when the inevitable attack comes the bodies of children are paraded around by the Hezbollah to a pack of media jackals all too willing to capture the horror and beam it around the internets. And now it seems the building collapsed 7 or 8 hours after the attacks and it leads one (me) to wonder whether the same Hezbollah folks who stopped people trying to leave are now herding them into death traps to be used as propaganda, seems like their MO to me.

Yet in the face of unprovoked attacks on Israel, a deliberate look to see where the attacks were coming from, a warning to residents that an attack was coming and a targeted strike that hit the building where the rocket attacks emanated from, somehow it is the Israelis who are being demonized. How about the terrorists who fire unaimed rockets from schoolyards, and hiding in UN positions, forcing civilians to serve as cannon fodder, why are they ignored?

No cease fire, no peace until Hezbollah is crushed. Any other outcome leaves a breeding ground for the hate that causes the use of children as a weapon. Evil bastards.

Multiple hat tips LGF