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Godspeed, Acidman.

After a two-week hiatus, I find that Rob Smith has died.  Damn.  Just damn.  The blogosphere will be much less interesting without the Acidman.  Wow, that's an understatement if ever there were one.  Gut Rumbles was one of the first blogs that I read and one of my guilty pleasures to read.


Here's one of my favorites (and a warning that the Acidman uses foul language often and well):


Bejus!  I HATE going to the dentist. I believe that I would rather have a doctor take off my foot with a chainsaw with NO anasthetic than have a dentist do some of that horrible shit he learned in "Inquisitional Tooth-Torture, 101" his freshman year of med school...

Godspeed, Rob, and, by the way, I never had to lower my damn standards.

[Other mutual friends who never had to lower their damn standards either - StraightWhiteGuy, Baldilocks, and  Parkway Rest Stop]