A New Low
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Go left young man

The loudest voices in today’s political debate come from the far left, and they are wicked serious. They believe that a lack of spine among the Democrats has made them lap dogs of the Bush crime family and essentially complicit in the Iraq quagmire and it’s other disastrous policies. I can understand their anger and the fervor they display, because they truly believe that W and his neo-con cabal are evil and guilty of a dizzying array of crimes in pursuit of global hegemony. If I shared those views I would be running up the Jolly Roger myself. But neither I, nor a bulk of the US populace do share those views and that is a big problem for Democrats interested in actually getting elected.

There has been a mistaken notion pervading the far left that because W’s poll numbers are weak and suggest many are unhappy with his performance, that those same folks believe he should be censured or impeached…..hardly. The length of the Iraq war and the relentless negative portrayals in the media distort the political landscape and the Howard Dean wing wrongly believes that the path to redemption lies in being purer to the progressive cause. What I don’t understand is where they think they are going to pick up any votes by moving even farther left?

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