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Dung beetle squished for your entertainment

Today I get the privilege of stomping a mudhole in Chas Chiodo’s ass. First of all let me start off by saying I hate the name Chas, it makes me want to thump this weasel already….but it gets much better. This little wanker got this delightful screed printed in the Gainesville, FL local fish wrap. Bearer fetch me my Elephant Fisking Rifle.

I’m a military combat veteran and critic of our government’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and I don’t support the troops. I’ll protest in the streets to end the war, and when the troops come home, I’ll do what I can to see that they get the benefits and treatment they need and deserve. That’s my contribution to the troops.

Many people “oppose the war but support the troops.” Rotten war, brave soldiers. I don’t buy this at all. Although little Johnny or Judy might have once been that nice kid next door, he or she may now be engaged in massacres and atrocities.

That is a might wide brush you’re painting with there Chas. Are all baseball players steroid-slamming freaks just because Barry Bonds is?

“The troops” are waging war against a civilian population, making little or no attempt to distinguish between “insurgents” and “collateral” innocents in the vicinity.

No that’s just a damned lie you little punk.

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