Death of a Quagmire
The Democrats are dead to me

Does this video offend you?

Update: The Typepad hosting service experienced a major database problem yesterday. Luckily, this post was recovered as a Draft so I reposted it on Thursday, July 13, 2006. I received many emails expressing outrage about this use of our Fallen. Please express yourselves at the post above by Uncle Jimbo. Thanks.


If you're a vet or still serving speak up in the Comments.  If you're a Sheepdog or an Old War Dog, let's hear you.

Via Brian S., the latest promotional video from the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee shows coffins of our Fallen soldiers and a soldier mourning a friend, standing by his Iraq memorial (M4 supporting helmet) in the first 15 seconds.

Here's the video.

So, what do you vets think?

Appropriate or not?  My gut reaction was not something that I can't put here - I cannot comprehend why the Democrat leadership doesn't understand why that video just might be offensive to veterans.  Are they taking cues from the Kucinich Campaign? 

For those that think it's appropriate, I'd like to hear your rationale.

And to be fair, is there a Republican equivalent?