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Cavalry Supply Sergeant Knighted in Iraq

This cool story is from Paul (V5) about a Sergeant who was recognized for his help during a raid by a British Commander:


Lindsay Niegelberg/Daily Times
Sgt. Craig Fraley, of Portsmouth, holds the sword and shield he received after being knighted by the British military for initiative action in a mission during a tour of duty in Iraq.

Honored for Valor

PDT Staff Writer

A Portsmouth soldier took initiative to trust his instincts and as a result has been knighted by the British military.

Sgt. Craig Fraley was on a mission in Baghdad when his unit received an intelligence report that insurgents had a weapons cache in a house, so his squad, and a squad from the British military entered the house.

“We cleared the house and didn't find anything and we were getting ready to leave when I noticed a part of the wall that looked like it had been recently renovated. So I kicked in the wall, and that's when we found 25 AK-47s (assault rifles), several sniper rifles and 30,000 or 40,000 rounds of ammunition,” said Fraley.

Col. Stanford of the British military then conducted a knighting ceremony and knighted Fraley and nine other members of his unit in Iraq...

A bit more here.  Congrats to SGT Fraley.