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A voice of reason in Beantown

Matt has linked to pieces from Jules Crittenden of the Boston Herald before and after the last one I pinged him with a question. I knew a Pete Crittenden from 1st Group Okinawa, and lo and behold he and Jules are brothers. So here is some good stuff from a quality writer with a good pedigree.

The war in Lebanon must not end short of its logical conclusion. Its logical conclusion is not the successful use of human shields by Hezbollah to hamstring the Israeli Defense Forces. Its logical conclusion is the destruction of Hezbollah as a military and political force that will always remain a threat to peace and stability of the region.   

Hezbollah has gotten a pass from the international community at Qana, as it did when it targeted UN peacekeepers for death by placing Hezbollah fighting positions within meters of the doomed UN observation post, as it has in numerous other tragedies in recent weeks. Israel has received widespread condemnation for firing on a town that Hezbollah cynically used as a base to launch missiles.

The Israelis are now taking a good look at whether the sweet hearts of Hezbollah have pulled an evil scam.