Zarkmania- Murtha repents
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The ascendance of Iraqi Government and Culture

OK I am done doing the Zarkman dance, and it's time to look at what the future of Iraq holds. Since the left already has the "It makes no difference things still suck" angle covered, I will look at some very positive signs.

There are several things that point to an increasing quality of life for all Iraqis. One is the seating of a full and sovereign national unity government with representation of all major sects. They have successfully navigated the swamp of partisan politics to elect a government that the vast majority of Iraqis accept, something the left would tell you doesn't even happen in America. Plus Prime Minister al-Maliki is making all the correct noises as the leader of a rough coalition. From an editorial in the Washington Post:

To provide the security Iraqis desire and deserve, it is imperative that we reestablish a state monopoly on weapons by putting an end to militias. This government will implement Law 91 to incorporate the militias into the national security services. Unlike previous efforts, this will be done in a way that ensures that militia members are identified at the start, dispersed to avoid any concentration of one group in a department or unit, and then monitored to ensure loyalty only to the state. In addition, we will engage with the political leaders of the militias to create the will to disband these groups.

Well that sounds like a really good idea, and speaks directly to the most recent meme in the media/left that civil war is inevitable. Since the tremendous effort to brand Iraq as a quagmire has failed, obviously a civil war will discredit our efforts and ensure W can't unfurl another banner to celebrate our victory. The problem is, if Zarkman and the dead enders couldn't start a civil war after years of hideous terror, it ain't gonna happen.

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