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"Sympathy is not what I do..."

Damn skippy. 

As a perpetual night owl, I have been watching ABC Nightline with Terry Moron er Moran reporting from Guantanamo Bay.  Each report has been more hysterical than the last and the "report" culminated in an expose' of the medical care  that detainees receive while incarcerated there.  The hypocrisy and feigned expressions of incredulity provided by Moron ought to earn him an Oscar instead of the Pulitzer he is clearly pining for. 

Amongst the topics covered on this episode was the "issue" of "force feeding" detainees that choose to go on hunger strikes.  Moron in a previous episode nearly tearfully expressed his phony outrage to the Camp Commandant over the issue of the recent detainee suicides and seemed especially hurt and shocked that the Admiral would assert that the suicides were, in fact, expressions of asymmetrical warfare (which of course they are).  It was as if he was unaware that islamofascist terrorists were known to regularly "martyr" themselves in the service of allah.  On tonight's show, Moron spoke with a senior physician regarding the practice of enteral feeding of detainees to PREVENT their suicides even inquiring if the doctor felt that he was violating his ethics by not "respecting" a detainee's choice to kill himself by starvation.  When Moron was shown the NG tubes used to conduct the feedings, he asked permission to open the package in order to inspect its contents.  The doctor agreed and watched as Moron manipulated the tiny tube as if to ensure there were no steel barbs attached to it.

Next, Moran interviewed the chief psychologist at the Camp in order to expose her dastardly deeds in assisting interrogators to obtain critical intelligence that has saved American lives.  Moron again laid on it thick as ever imploring the behavioral scientist to denounce the crimes against her profession in which he was certain she was engaging.  When he asked her if she felt sympathy for her charges for being in such a dire situation her perfectly delivered answer, "Sympathy is not what I do," left Moron in a state of barely veiled disgust and horror.  Apparently Moron hadn't heard that the FBI employs teams of behavioral scientists whose job it is to profile and bring to justice serial killers right here in the totalitarian US of A. 

Watching Terry Moron labor through his contortions was very similar to watching William Hung butcher classic tunes during his American Idol auditions.  The smarminess and disingenuity of his act was so transparent that by the time he was done preening, I got the feeling that he must think his audience was a group of retarded children.  Which is exactly what you'd have to be in order to buy the load of crap Moron was shoveling.