American Soldier Tortures Little Girl
The New Band of Brothers - Standing Alone Together

Rove Skates!

Ha Ha Ha! Ho Ho Ho! Yee haw Jester's dead. Oops wrong reference.

Boy it's fun to sit down at work and have the first headline that greets me bring such joy and schadenfreude. The poor moonbats must just be heartbroken. No Charges against Rove, No Frog marching in chains, no Fitzmas. ZIP, ZERO, NADA!

Bite me Joe Wilson and your silly, scarf-wearing wife. Suck it Firedoglake and Kos and every other deranged lefty collection of wankers who spent so much effort over nothing, well an attempt to bring down W's brain isn't nothing, but it sure didn't work out now did it?  Hey can we get a definitive ruling that Joe Wilson is a lying, self-promoting, man whore?

And spare me any "but we got Scooter" tripe, the lame charges there don't look like they'll stand much poking at and I expect they will go away. Good job Mr. Fitzgerald, you took your stellar reputation and drug it throught the fever swamps of the left, spending millions of dollars and all you came out with was Sccoter and Matt Cooper from Time disagreeing on the first time they discussed Fred Garvin's wife's name. Heh.