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Reminding USMC HQ that Freedom isn't Free

The foul stench of politically correct hypocrisy wafts across the hadji girl controversy. It seems that only satire is unacceptable, because rap lyrics depicting much more questionable sentiments are A OK with the press and the military. Michelle Malkin has the horrifying details. Hmmm, I hate it when the blatant discrimination against comic singer-songwriters is exposed, it's so sad. I thought my new friend MAJ Chapin at USMC HQ ought to hear about this. Since she hasn't returned my message I will share her email [email protected]. If you correspond please maintain the high ground and keep a properly snarky tone, like this I just sent:

Dear Maj. Chapin,


I haven't heard back regarding your sorry treatment of CPL Bellile, but just as well because it gets worse. It appears that their is a bit of a double standard in play here as there were some military rap artists whose lyrics were pretty lively (they like the F-bomb a lot) and very graphic in describing violent activities. Michelle Malkin has the heartwarming lyrics and some background for you here. Now given your recent condemnation of CPL Bellile's fairly innocuous ditty, I just wonder what fate might befall these folks. I mean they were lionized in the press as groundbreaking artistes, yet poor CPL Bellile is a racist baby-killer.


You'll have to help me with this Major, hypocrisy and politically correct censorship are new to me. Are there particular rules about whose speech is actually free, or are you guys just making this up as you go along? I mean I know the press can be a major pain, but you have to take a look at core American values before you sell out, OK. Now go take a look in the mirror and hopefully the uniform you are wearing will remind you to tell your boss and all the professional mouthpiece chain of command that freedom isn't free, there's a hefty f***in' fee. Major you owe a buck-o-five, maybe everyone at 8th and Eye ought to sit down and watch Team America World Police and remind themselves what this is all about.



Jim Hanson

I feel certain this will have the desired effect. I will advise.