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Palestinian Government executes war criminal

So the Palestinians have killed an 18 year old Israeli kid, how many does that make? There is a semantics discussion as to what his killing should be called. In their press release, and isn't it quaint that terrorists have press agents, the Popular Resistance Committee claimed credit for executing the boy and some have taken issue with that saying that an execution is a more formal-state-sanctioned killing after a trial, and that what they had done was murder.

OK that makes sense if you allow that there is no Palestinian government, but there is, and it was popularly elected and it is comprised of the very scum who murdered this boy. So rather than call it a murder, a civil crime, let's call it what it is, the actions of a wing of the duly elected Palestinian government. They obviously held an impromptu judicial hearing, weighed the evidence, determined the boy was indeed a Joooo, and executed the just sentence of the Palestinian people.

Now it is up to the rest of us to see if we are cool with kidnapping and execution of innocent civilians by "nations". I seriously doubt the Israelis are, and some serious scunion will be coming down as they remind the Palestinians that even though the Euros may invite them to parties, and they can rustle up some satchels of cash from oil-rich swine, none of those folks are going to pull a Tienanmen Square to stop the IDF from rolling in to shut down the rocket and bomb factories and hopefully rescue their CPL.

So I say let them be executioners, and bear responsibility as a people for the depravity with which their government acts. Let them bear the consequences of their hatred and inability to countenance the very existence of their Jewish neighbors. Let them make the choice that lies directly before them, acknowledge Israel's right to exist on the 1967 boundaries and renounce the "right of return", or enjoy another 50 years as "refugees" without even an actual country.

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