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June 2006

Flag Burning can be fun for everyone

I come out today one hundred percent opposed to an amendment banning flag burning. I see no reason to abridge the freedom of speech of anyone, even clowns who think doing this elevates their point. It doesn't, it shows their lack of respect and shabbiness of character. But it shouldn't be unconstitutional to be a loser, anymore than it should be unconstitutional to print cartoons of Mohammed, or piss-Christ, or any other kind of jackassery. We hold dear the right of every American to howl at the moon about the Joooos, or the A-rabs, or corporate thieves. And as long as they don't threaten anyone, they can have a grand old time. The KKK earned itself a free speech time out on cross burning because of their reprehensible habit of lynching blacks. The cross burning conveyed that message and was therefore a threat. I hardly think the pitiful mewlings of the dirty, nasty, patchouli-smelling hippies who occasionally roast Old Glory puts the fear of Gaia in any of us.

So cut the electioneering BS and do something useful like securing our borders, or cutting spending, or abolishing the Dept. of Education.

Hey while you clowns are itching to do something, why don't you just decriminalize beating the crap out of flag burners? I mean everybody wins there, the hippies get to show the depths of their disgust for Amerikkka, the rest of us get to lay down some serious beatdowns, and the media gets an excellent, video-friendly story. I told you I was a uniter, and a decider.

NY Times- Floggings or a Scarlet T?

If you want to read an elegant and sad description of the hurt the NY Times has done to us all by exposing the terror financing program, read Byron York's talk with Tom Kean Co-Chair of the 9/11 Commission. Mr. Kean sounds truly heartbroken at the idea that an institution such as the NY Times would take such a clearly damaging action.

There has been plenty of discussion about what exactly should be done about the NY Times especially, but really any news outlet that takes it upon themselves to make national security decisions on behalf of all of us. That is exactly what Editor Bill Keller has done, and it is unequivocally wrong. There are actually circumstances where the disclosure of classified info may be warranted, but this instance is miles from that. Congress knew and considered it proper, both heads of the 9/11 Commission implored him not to do it, and yet somewhere in the deluded clouds of Manhattan the gods of the NYT knew better.

Free press is limited to the actual production of content, not it's protection once uttered or printed. Any number of possible penalties come to bear once free speech is exercised, libel, slander, fraud, and I hope to heck disclosing classified secrets. I am not convinced that prosecuting the press jackals is the best measure though, because it will encourage the other publicity whores to leak for their turn in the spotlight.

The best idea I have heard yet is to simply turn the tables on those who screamed the loudest for an investigation of the Plame farce. They thought that leak was worthy, well I think this one is. So let's start with subpoenas for Messrs. Lichtblau and Risen for the source of their terror financing bit, and also Dana Priest for the source on the CIA secret prisons. It was fine for Judy Miller to try the Rikers diet, so let's pen these jackals up until they cough up the disloyal criminals who leaked the info to them. Then let's flog those bastards in the public square, ........whoah easy there Jimbo, .....in the square of public opinion. Then we can proceed with their well-deserved future in the little rocks from big rocks field. The jackal's job is to pick all carcasses clean and they are less to blame than those whose job included safeguarding this info. But that doesn't mean I won't enjoy locking a few up until they reveal their sources.

The Allah Times

It goes without saying that the New York Time's proclivity for prioritizing a scoop that may damage George W. Bush over the national security interests of America is a despicable practice that has and will continue to hamper our counter-terror efforts.  But that's only the half of it.  The other half is that these kind of very helpful (to Al Qaida) stories coming straight out of the belly of the infidel city that was so horribly attacked not so long ago serves to inspire and promote MORE terrorism.

We should all be able to agree that the islamofascist terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, the US and elsewhere are all well and truly nutters above all else.  And very gullible nutters at that.  Your basic Ahmed on the "arab street" is an uneducated third world peasant that is spoon fed anti-American propaganda virtually from birth under the guise of religious instruction.  This inculcation is rampant from the madrassas of Pakistan to the wahabbi missionaries in Saudi Arabia who fund and promote these "values" as far and wide as their petrodollars will take them.  I'm not saying that every one of these people is destined to grow up to be a suicide bomber, but on the whole, the societies that produce the terrorists manage to control them through the abuse of their religious instruction by proclaiming that the absurd is true. 

For example, it is a consistent finding in the polling of world muslims that the vast majority does not believe that the 9/11 attacks in the US were conducted by muslims at all.  In fact they have been told by their imams and at least 70% believe that the Israeli Mossad is responsible.  OK, you say, "their media is biased and they live under dictatorships that hate Israel, so what should we expect?"  Would you expect them to also believe that Jews eat arab babies and cook matza balls in their blood?  No?  Well, they do.

My larger point is that nutters like this and the societies that have spawned them are willing to believe just about anything if an imam says so.  So what do you think the imams are saying about the NY Times disclosures of the past year or so not to mention the ongoing coverage of Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Guantanamo et al?  I suspect that they are taking it as a sign from allah that the infidel's own newspaper is helping the mujahideen.  The only way to defeat your enemy is to totally demoralize him to the point that he cannot move against you without the certain knowledge that he is destined to fail and that his cause is utterly lost.  Which is kind of difficult to acheive when every time our enemy is down, the NY Times lifts him up, and paradoxically whenever the reputation or prestige of the US is down, the NY Times starts kicking like the jackasses (Democrats) they are. 

In reality, we are doing the majority of the kicking, and our enemies are taking those kicks directly in the a$$.  But the brainwashed man on the "arab street" doesn't know fact from fiction (nor do the nutters here in the American left), and that is unnecessarily drawing this conflict out longer than it needs to be fought.  If we had some solidarity in this country between our media and our troops (based completely on the reality of the situation and not propaganda), we could make these knuckleheads understand that they are not going to win.  Once the enemy understands that, the war is over.

Quick hits & Uncle J becomes Dan Rather

A few quick hits today and maybe some meat tomorrow.

Via Hot air we get some leaked info (hurray for leaks) that says audio and video of the Haditha incident bolster the Marine's claims they were under fire. Radio reports from the incident apparently indicate incoming fire, which because of differing weapons sounds distinct from ours. This is a major point that would seriously change the situation. The distinction between entering a building you are taking fire from and one you are going to search while not, is huge. In addition apparently there is video from a UAV that shows some bad guys loading themselves and their guns into vehicles and hitting the bricks. If this is true it is extremely exculpatory and given the many discrepancies and conflicts of interest from the Iraqi witnesses leaves me highly skeptical at his point.

The biggest problem all along was the idea that this whole squad went along with a massacre, it could happen but it takes an extreme leap for someone familiar with our Marines to believe it did.

Next slide

The NY Times has completely lost it's mind and I think the National Review folks have it about right, pull their press cards and tell 'em to bugger off! Just as easy as they let Jeff Gannon in, they can sure lock the NY Times out and I think they should. I would also hire someone like me or maybe Frank J to write funnys about them and their reporters.


We are working on a newscast over at my home online magazine/alt news/citizen journalism home at madison.com/post. I have a couple of test podcasts up and we are looking to do a daily news round up and a weekly feature piece. We will start podcasting, but expect to transition to video as we progress. ideally the reporters will read certain pieces and I will do the national/international bit, while our music and food bloggers do their thing. I am working with some local musicians to get original grooves to put in the background. Here are the demos with local news only, and here is the feed link to subscribe. http://unclejimbo.libsyn.com/rss

Daily Pravda- Possibly drunk pelican hits windshield

Daily Pravda- Flying high at the Badger Games

Ignore my Daily Pravda name as I am screwing around with out tech weasels, I would welcome suggestions and comments. I will be doing national/international stories tonight and will hopefully have something to chew on. Plus the links take you to regular audio files for listening, so you don't need podcasting stuff or software.

Blackfive on Pundit Review Radio- Raven 42 revisited

Matty O' is off at an undisclosed secure location consulting with Rove and Cheney about the next phase of global domination. Here is the link to last night's "Someone You Should Know" segment on Pundit Review Radio.

Raven 42- Revisited

Check in Sunday nights for Matt's SYSK and also the rest of the show which has great guests and commentary.

ABC Calls W. thomas Smith Jr. about Haditha

W. Thomas Smith Jr. receives a call from ABC News regarding the alleged killings in Haditha, Iraq:
"...it's one thing to read and listen to politicized versions of news stories spun by the various national news organizations. But to actually experience the machine as it begins to process what they plan to feed the masses is quite another. It wasn't a first for me, nor will it be the last I'm sure. But I was temporarily surprised by the reporter's lack of perspective, his obvious agenda, and his attempt to put words in my mouth. And by the way, this was no recent J-school grad. This guy was seasoned. ..."

Will Some General Officer Speak Out

Personally, I've been waiting for LTG Mattis to say something...

Retired Marine Officer Steve Clayton sends this plea out via Seamus to find some General with the cojones to say something to the Murthas:

To the senior Marines, active and retired, within Col Morris's reach,

Will no Marine General Officer or former Marine/former flag rank of whatever service stand publicly against John Murtha as he bolsters the resolve of the enemies of our hard charging Marines?  Will no one of stature step to a microphone and call John Murtha out as the worthless dogS&it he is for the damaging rants he makes day after day after day?!  I could scream from the highest mountain and no one would care.  I'm nobody: just a broke-dick LDO Captain.  I'm begging a recognizable voice to shout as loud and long as possible, "COL MURTHA, STOP TRYING TO KILL OUR MARINES!"

Is there anyone out there with the intestinal fortitude to do what we all know should be done?  We need a counterbalance to this worthless piece of excrement, not for ourselves but for those Marines who this day are in harms way.  For the reputation of our institution and for our brotherhood of Marines.  I have a son who will be deploying in the coming months and another son trying to join the Marines.  Is the best I can hope for is luck on their part?  I do not fear their deaths during a noble cause.  I pray otherwise but I understand their risks and support both of them in their endeavors as Marine and hopefully Marine to be.  I do, however, fear that their deaths be caused by sedition at home and I grow angry knowing that the very sedition I fear is from one of our own.  Will no one do what should be done while there's still time?  I always looked up to my Generals to do what they knew was right for the security of our men and women and the accomplishment of the mission.  Now.... now is one of those times.  Who will step forward?

Steven Clayton
Captain, USMC, LDO, Retired

And for those who've been wondering, this email is not unique amongst the Marine email and internet chatter that's been going on for the last few weeks.

Raven 42 Revisited

On Pundit Review Radio, I talked about Raven 42 where SSG Tim Nein, SGT Leigh Ann Hester, SPC Jason Mike received Silver Stars for their valor in Salman Pak, Iraq.  The entire ten man squad of Raven 42 are Someone You Should Know.

Here are some links that I referred to:

Blackfive - Raven 42 After Action Report (AAR) and video filmed by insurgents (I had trouble with the link so I put the video on YouTube).

Argghhh! - Probably the best analysis of the Raven 42 AAR.  John Donovan dissects the AAR so that you understand why the MPs of the 617th MP Company (KY Nat'l Guard) were so effective.

Home of the Brave - Raven 42 has an entire chapter in The Home of the Brave.

Posters For The Times

I do wish that this was a time when people took war and the need for secrecy in war seriously. Having said that, here is a great collection of WWII security posters redone for the present day. While I like the first one, and agree they need a huge glass of it, the second one is the one I like the best. For I fear that every time the Shady Lady talks, innocent people die. What they are doing is not just putting those who serve in uniform in danger (indeed, I can make a case for a number of military deaths to be laid at their door, along with other parts of the Old Media/MSM), but civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even here in the U.S. in harms way. Then again, they could care less, I think, about those in other countries who die. The only thing on their mind is making as much as they can out of, and off of, those deaths.