D-Day Remembered
Haditha - Reasonable Doubt

My guest shot on CNN's "On the Story"

Here is the video from my appearance on CNN's "On the Story". Nothing earth shattering, and my one laugh line went flat when I threw one out about lack of respect for Congress. But I did at least make the point that whatever may have happened we gain nothing by prejudging the Marines from Haditha and it is wrong to use them and this tragedy to further a political agenda.

Arwa_damon_fly_mint_greenI would like to mention again that I gained some respect for journalists or at least Arwa Damon. She was given every opportunity to throw those Marines under the bus and she stood by her firsthand impressions, both in print and then again on the show. She did not excuse anything, she simply refused to get on the bandwagon that has them already swinging from the yardarm. Plus she obviously has a license from Matt for the Fly Mint Green Shirt TM. And I hope my island shirt stood up to Ali Vashli's sartorial flair.

There can be zero tolerance for anything close to what has been talked about in Haditha, and the military had this well in hand with two investigations underway. While a look at any possible tragedies is appropriate this should not devolve into open season turning every combat action we have undertaken into a masssacre until proven otherwise.